About Us

LuvBlackLove was started out of a selfish desire for fulfillment.  I was looking to surround myself with images, words, thoughts and inspiration of positive Black Love.  With each Google search and Instagram hashtag I hit looking for something to fill this gap I came up empty handed,with black & white images of nonblack couples, or of images of interracial couples.  I decided it was time to bridge the gap and LuvBlackLove was born.

Interacting with all the amazing pages out there and all the amazing PEOPLE out there insprired us even more to see what else can be done to further the movement and proclaim to society & the world that black love matters and it is truly a beautiful thing!  

Our clothing and accessories are created to proudly declare our love to the world.  Black Love isn't a trend, fad or cute hashtag.  It is us.  It is real.  It matters