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How Did You Meet?
Isaiah is the PK (Pastor's Kid) at our church and one of the only few young adults that go to Paradise Missionary Baptist Church. In 2015, at the time I was in college in San Jose, my mom begged me to come back to Sac and attend the church picnic. Neither my brother or sister came. It was just me, mom, and a bunch of church people I didn't know. I was extremely bored and looking for something to do. I noticed the PK was the only one there around my age and so I walked up to him and asked him if he wanted to Play Uno. Mind you, at the time I was in a relationship, and I lived with my ex in San Jose, so the game Uno was just that. We played three rounds and he didn't even let me win once! We talked and he was really nice so after that day we became good friends. I would come visit the church every once and awhile and he became my best friend, I got out of that relationship, and we were friends for awhile, and the rest is history.
How Did He Ask?
My birthday is February 15th and my boyfriend had gotten me a cruise for my present. We were scheduled to leave on the 13th so I planned a birthday dinner at a really nice restaurant for the 12th. I made reservations and everything. The day of my birthday dinner my boyfriend was acting weird. He kept asking me to cancel but wouldn't tell me why and I was getting extremely irritated with him. He finally told me that he had set up a photoshoot for me with a photographer and that they would take pictures of me for my 25th birthday. I was bummed but I agreed. My bf, my mom, and I pile into the car to get ready for the shoot. I got my makeup and hair done for it and I was really excited at that point. The photographer was running really late and I was starting to get even more irritated. I later found out that Isaiah was just waiting for all of our family and friends to get to the location. After about 20 minutes, he said the photographer was finally ready and the first location was the tunnel in front of the butterfly where we took a picture on one of our dates. We went down to the tunnel and I didn't have my glasses on. All of our family and friends were there but they had their backs turned to us. I almost walked right past them. I noticed his sister's afro puffs and I was shocked to see everyone when I finally realized who they were. I thought they had all come to go to dinner with us. Isaiah gave a small speech thanking everyone for coming and shortly after, ended up on one knee. I said YES!
Future Bride: @leila.katt
Future Groom: @jaronnfv
Photographer (and mother of the bride): @imagezbychar

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  • Congratulations! What a beautiful story!

    Cynthia Pierson on
  • Wow it seems like yesterday you were this little kid with this hugh personality. And today you’re a grown man getting ready to be a grown married man!!’ Congratulations Nephew, Auntie is so proud of you and pray many blessings and much love and happiness to you and Allie! 🙌🏾❤️😘🏝🏖

    Tina Hart on
  • This is such a beautiful love story! I’m so happy for you both 😊 Never know Where you will find true love ❤ God is so good🙏🏽❤🙏🏽

    Tommie Thuston on
  • I’m sooooooo happy for you both!! You’re both beautiful people and worthy of all the love, happiness, and success in the world!!! ❤️

    Kysha on
  • I am so blessed to witness beautiful black love and I am very excited for these two young people. Can’t wait to watch everything GOD has in store for them… Blessings on top of Blessings..#AIM4Infinity!

    Lisa Evans on

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