Summer Lovin' | 5 Great Spots to Meet a Bae This Summer

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So Mother Nature is still tripping in several parts (can we say June-uary?) but we can’t deny that the summer vibe is in the air.  With longer days, our fave shows on hiatus (no TGIT!), and laid back work schedules, we can’t help but feel the spirit of summer. 

So what better way to make it a great summer than with a little romance.  They say winter is “cuffing season” but summer is where you find a few potentials for the bae list so you can have someone to "cuff" when the feeling is right!  Summer is great because with the sun shining everyone is naturally in a better mood, more social and just out and about a ton more.  This is the perfect time to get out there and do all the things you enjoy anyways, as a lot more people are out doing the same.  Outcome?  Countless opportunities to meet a great date.

We’ve scoured our personal experience and put together a few places that have found to pretty much guarantee a connection:


Yes it is wedding season…we may cringe at the thought of sitting through yet another ceremony while we contemplate our own singleness, but weddings are a fantastic place to meet a great guy/girl.  We are already in a romantic state of mind, yes, but more importantly the “pool” is in a sense already vetted.  You know that other folks invited to the couples special day must hold a certain level of respect and esteem to the couple or they wouldn't make the cut!  The best way to meet a great date is often through friends and weddings are just that: a loving gathering of friends and family!  Enjoy a glass of bubbly, get out on the dance floor and be social!

Cultural Festival

There are tons of festivals that pop up across the US and Canada throughout the summer.  Most areas have various cultural festivals (i.e. Hollywood Carnival, Miami Carnival, Caribbean Days festival) and lots of great music festivals such as AfroFest and Afro Punk.  Get out there and join in as events often bring out those of us who avoid the usual club scene but still want to have fun.  Throw on your best festival style and be ready to chop it up as it's a great social gathering opprotunity where you will meet many types that you may not run into in your day to day.  

Family bbq/cookout

Canada Day, Independence day, Labour Day....those are the standards...but basically every weekend throughout the summer season someones bestie, cousin, aunt is hosting a gathering.  Join in!  With the right mix of friends and family this is another great place to meet a potential who has already received the stamp of approval!  Bring your best cookout dish and earn extra impression points and a great conversation starter!


More specifically, an outdoor concert. Good music, great vibes, friends and libations.  Spark up a conversation with your neighbor and dance the night away!


This is a great spot as little effort is required!  If you are rolling solo just grab your current read, a blanket and beverage and pick a spot.  If you see an opening near a cutie setup shop and don't be shy to strike up a convo.


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