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In light of all the recent tragedies that have yet again brought to light the detrimental racial disparities that black men and women face in the US, people everywhere have been scratching their heads and asking what can we do.  What ACTIONS can we take.  Being social media activists and "raising awareness" is not affecting the change we all need to see.  Protests, vigils, petitions...all important to bring attention but at this point we are all looking for more.

Solange Knowles shared on her blog a list of the over 21 Black owned banking institutions in the USA.  Find it here.  This is just one of the many ways that we can make our "value" be felt.  Black communities are one of the few communities who do not reinvest in ourselves.  As quickly as we make a dollar we hand it over to the white, Jewish, Asian etc communities who in turn reinvest in themselves and build generational wealth.  The black dollar is VERY valuable as we know and as large corporations know.  

Do your research on some of the institutions found on the Saint Heron site linked above and if it makes sense for you, support your own.  We will continue find other opportunities to support black businesses and post them here.  Everything from fantastic fashion lines, makeup lines, catering, event planning, home decor and more are available locally or online.  We are working on generating a list of fab black businesses we love and will share soon.

If you know a great black owned business share their info in the comments.

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  • Best black Realtor in Vancouver area. Ethical with a strong work ethic!

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