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How We Met

My fiancé and I actually met at work. We were STRICTLY friends. There was always a little flirtation but what do you expect from a Capricorn (him) and a Scorpio (me)? LOL. We've exchanged relationship stories, gave each other genuine advice, knew each other's stories (the stories you only tell your besties lol). Little did we know our 4+yrs of friendship would blossom to us now. One night we linked up for drinks and feelings became apparent. My first feeling was SAFE. I felt and still feel FULLY safe. We both became curious so we went out on a few dates and then 2/14/14 he proposed asking to be his girlfriend.

How/when did you know he/she was the one?

I knew he was the one when the feelings I felt wouldn't shake, it wasn't just a heavy flirtation carrying over it was now FEELINGS. Also my two daughters confirmed it, they LOVE him!

How He Asked:

December 3, 2016 I was told we were having family day ( I have two daughters from previous relationships). Our family day trip was to the African American Museum. A few things raised an eyebrow as I noticed his attire was a little dressy for just the museum but paid it no mind. In the mist of the car ride he blinds fold me and tells me "we're going to take a quick detour". Kenny does nice gestures anyway and during the house process he's reiterated that my ring would be pushed back. I wasn't bothered I mean we just made a major purchase!  

As I'm blindfolded he's guiding me through the Sculpture Garden downtown DC. There's a sculpture that says "AMOUR", means love in Spanish and Kenny ALWAYS speaks spanish around me ( and I never understand what he's saying lol). He then ask me to keep my eyes closed while he adjust my hair and took off my blindfold. Once he said "okay OPEN" I see his immediate family and mine and I knew IT WAS HAPPENING!!!! After he proposed and I cried like a baby he then proposed to my daughters. As if I couldn't cry anymore. I am ENGAGED!!! 


The Wedding:

Haven't fully planned I'm still in shock. We are highly considering a destination wedding with beautiful water and a host of our most closest family and friends. Hopefully August 2018.
What are you most looking forward to for your future together?
I'm looking forward to just learning and enjoying my best friend that I get to spend the rest of my life with. I look forward to achieving more life goals with, making him a daddy, God willing, and just enjoying life with my new family!


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