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How We Met:

What a crazy story! I am a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. from South Florida. In 2004, I was heading to Gainesville, FL, to attend our Annual Blue & White Weekend event. She was a cheerleader at the University of Florida, heading back to Gainesville after teaching a cheerleading clinic in Fort Lauderdale. With two guys in my car and two girls in hers, we found ourselves “drag racing” on the highway to get each other’s attention. She thought she was cute, because we had the same car (I thought she was too!). So, this went on for over an hour (from Orlando to Ocala), until she ran out of gas. Let her tell it, she beat me to the exit and I followed her. The true story: I was a gentlemen, let her get off in front of me, and I followed her with my boys to the nearest gas station. We exchanged numbers, saw each other (platonically) that weekend, and remained friends.

Fast forward somewhere in between then and now, I found myself wanting to date her at different times in life, but the timing was always off (either because she was taken or I had a girl). Then my day finally came.

In 2015 (the day before my birthday in April), I was on South Beach with some of my boys. She was on the beach with her friends and family. As she was leaving and I was heading to my next stop, I ran into her on the intersection of 8th and Ocean. After some small talk, I inquired about her being married and most likely having kids. To my surprise, neither was the case.  I invited her to get a drink with me; she politely declined, in which I asked her to text or call me sometime so we could catch up.  Thirty minutes later, I received an email (because she didn’t have my number anymore… WTH!?). I still had hers, so I texted her back … knowing that THIS COULD BE THE CHANCE I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR!

We had small talk. I saw her two days later (and stayed out until the wee hours in the morning, on a “school night”). Every other day for the next two and a half weeks, we would link up in the most random but amazing places (lunch, happy hours, kickball, just because). I knew she was hooked (lol), and the rest was history. We haven’t looked back since!

How/when did you know he/she was the one?

Good question! I still try to figure that out today. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t get her off my mind and I always wanted to be around her. Since we reconnected, she has been the “Chery” to my sundae. In August of 2015, we took a trip to Turks and Caicos, where I told her (in the pool), “You know you are my first round draft pick.” She didn’t quite like it, because she thought I was drafting other girls “to my team.” I assured her she was my one and only franchise player.

How He Asked:

With surprise, after Surprise, after SURPRISE! It started 3 weeks before my birthday. I am a BIG fan of celebrating birthdays, so I wanted to do something fun for my big day (even though it wasn’t a milestone). After trying to plan what I wanted to get into, Frantz told me, “we are having BaeDay on Saturday, so don’t plan anything.” After many inquiries, the only thing I got out of him was, “We are going to a show and you can wear sneakers.” --- HUH? I was so confused! What show (that’s not a concert) could I go to in South Florida during the day with sneakers? I tried to research what was happening in town, found nothing! So, instead, I decided to go with the flow.

“BaeDay” arrives and we are ready to head to the 3:30 “show.” We pull out of our garage and Frantz’s best friend called him in a bit of a panic. He is a photographer who had a shoot he needed to go to, but his car wouldn’t start. Like any other best friend would do, Frantz agreed to pick him up and drop him off (luckily he lived right across the street, and supposedly his shoot location was on the way to our destination). As we pulled up to his friend’s shoot (at a private airport), I received Surprise #1.

Turns out that his photoshoot was of Frantz and I, just before our helicopter ride. Being a top to-do on my bucket list, the 45-minute ride over Miami and Fort Lauderdale was absolutely breathtaking. As we descended, Frantz’s best friend was nowhere to be found, but Surprise #2 arrived: A chartered car! The chauffer drove us to our home. Upon arrival, Surprise #3: As I stepped into the house, there was a gift bag on the stairs with a dress inside. I was advised that I had to wear this for my 6:30 “dinner.” The dress Fit. Like. A. Glove. We get ready, leave the house, and as we are in the car, Frantz blindfolds me for arrival to the restaurant. At that point, I thought FOR SURE (after all this) he’s proposing; I envisioned my ring being brought out on a silver platter during dessert. Turns out that I was all wrong! We didn’t even have dinner, but I did have another surprise: AN ALL WHITE SURPRISE PARTY with all of our family and closest friends.

At that moment, I felt crazy for even thinking he was proposing; all of the hype was for a surprise party and I was so grateful. The party was absolutely amazing, but Frantz had one more trick up his sleeve! At the end of the event after we cut the cake, Frantz wanted everyone to watch a video he put together. On the projector screen was birthday wishes from my parents, followed by a slideshow of him and me, then a scene of him walking into the jewelry store and ending with him asking for my parents’ blessing (for everyone to see!). The video went off, and as he was confessing his love, he had everyone lighting sparklers while a violinist played our favorite love song (John Legend, You and I). He got down on one knee, and I was so SHOCKED that you could hardly hear me say, “Yes!” (which is pretty unbelievable, because I’m very vocal!). The night ended, just as the day begun: Like a dream come true … Literally, straight out of a fairytale … And the Princess found her Prince Charming.

The Wedding:

We are still on Cloud 9794038420 from the engagement. I told him he could take a break from planning. We agreed to start planning at some point in 2017.

What are you most looking forward to for your future together?:

Travelling is big for us. We don’t want that to change. We are definitely looking forward to travelling the world, building upon our memories and adventures. We are also very family oriented. If you ask him in a confessional room, he would most likely say he would want a starting 5 (or more); he adores kids. Short-term, I am looking forward to waking up to my best friend every morning. Long-term, I am all about growing our family (but only by two or three). :) 


BIG Shout out to K13 Images on all imagery and Something More Productions for the videography!

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