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You know how some of our favorite romcoms and drama include all the twists and turns to keep us on the edge of our seat?  Cheri and Lawrence's love story has all the makings of a Hollywood tale, including the happy ending!

As told by Cheri:

Our story begins May 20, 2002, when I was a sophomore and he was a senior in high school.  Your average boy meets girl story- young and in puppy love.  I was a cheerleader and he was on the football team. Our  relationship picked up fairly quickly and he told my father then, that he knew I was going to be his wife and we we're going to have five children. (Lol crazy,  I know)

A year and half went by and we we're still holding on strong. I was in my senior year of high school by then and he decided to attend a college close by so the distance wouldn't damage our relationship...that is until a representative from a college in California came to recruit him. Knowing how much he wanted to continue his football career,   I put my own feelings to the side,  focused on furthering my own education and told him to follow his dreams because I know he would've did the same for me. We were young, yet we loved each other so deeply. We decided to go our separate ways. Unbeknownst to him,  I had just found out I was three months pregnant with twins a few days before.  The pregnancy ended in miscarriage a month later and other then him visiting the school occasionally, we had completely lost contact after that.

Six years went by before we saw each other again. I ran into him at his job.  It was hard to keep my poker face as we updated each other on our lives yet we were glad to know we both were doing well.  He was still playing football and had just had a child and I was working and taking care of my two children. Seeing him rehashed all the feelings that were once buried. Reluctantly,  we did not exchange contact information but that was my neighborhood grocery store so I always hoped that I run into him again.... But never did. I would search for him on various social networks but would never find him.

Fast forward to 2014. I relocated my family to Raleigh, NC for work and school. Being divorced with three children,  I just wanted a new beginning and the dating scene was not for me.  I still visited home often because of my family and my hair clientele was still in high demand.  I frequented Facebook often as anyone in this day and age would and searched for him once more. With no luck again,  I didn't find him.  I commented on a mutual high school friends Facebook post. Then I received a friend request.  I immediately accepted because I knew it was him even though he was using a different alias and he inboxed me.  We exchanged contact information and then facetimed.  We talked for hours on end and neither of us could stop smiling. He asked to take me out but got discouraged when he realized I lived in NC but to his surprise I told him I was home visiting but would be leaving soon.  We then went on a date two days later and I was yet smitten again.  He couldn't stop telling everyone that walked by,  "This was my high school sweetheart and my first love and I'm gonna marry this girl". 

My week long visit turned into a month long visit. 

Fast forward to the present day, we face time everyday, we both travel back and forth up the road and make sure we do everything we can to make this long distance relationship work. Which is ironic because the distance is the reason we broke up in the beginning.

Nonetheless, he is keeping his promise to my father.  We are now a blended family with a total of five children and engaged to be married on May 20, 2017...



Photography by @bigshotscott216 ( and @imadman2akajdinoblascko 

Congratulations to Cheri & Lawrence and wishing them all the best as their love stories continues!  Their tale brought us to tears and was such an inspiration to never lose faith and believe in true love!

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