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How They Met:

Although Carlton and Ronnika grew up differently; Carlton from the busy city of Atlanta, Ronnika from the small town of Biloxi; the two were destined to meet because of their similarities. 

In May of 2013, after working at a local newspaper in Atlanta, Ronnika was laid off and forced into unemployment. Not willing to settle lightly she began a job at YP (Yellow Pages) Corporate Office, where Carlton, a tenure employee, would become her teammate and trainer. Carlton was considered the top consultant in the department and was immediately assigned to train and equip Ronnika with everything she needed to succeed in her position. 

Later on that year, and months into the friendship, Ronnika and Carlton began to see each other outside of the office and Carlton began to enjoy Ronnika’s company on a more personal level; but couldn’t tell her because he was afraid he would lose her trust. During multiple conversations with Ronnika, Carlton would describe a girl that he had a crush on but was too shy to tell her. Ronnika, naive to the fact that it could be her, encouraged Carlton to express himself to the girl and to step up before she got away. 

In January of 2014. Carlton finally confessed to Ronnika that she was the girl he had been referring to all this time. Shocked Ronnika quickly left the office, not sure how to respond.

How/When Did You Know He/She Was the One?:

The Relationship:

Carlton and Ronnika are no stranger to long term relationships, so they took this potential relationship very slow. After hearing a sermon at church, Ronnika realized that God had meant for her relationship with Carlton to flourish; so she decided to accept his invitation, to go on a date with him the next opportunity she could. 

On February 14, 2014 Carlton and Ronnika went out on their first “un-official” date and immediately realized the connection they had for each other could not be ignored. Because they were co-workers and had past heartbreaks, they remained friends and kept their relationship under the radar for 9 months. They remained close friends until one raining evening on September 12, 2014. Carlton made a romantic dinner picnic in his living room and asked Ronnika to be his girlfriend. 

Carlton and Ronnika since have become inseparable. Becoming the ideal love story to their inner circle, traveling for birthdays and anniversary; It seemed as though this couple was not only perfect but perfect for eachother. 

Although things were amazing on the outside Ronnika internally suffered from depression and anxiety attacks. All while, Carlton dealt with the transition and passing of his father. And to top it all, they both consistently dealt with the politics of their relationship at work. Ronnika soon was forced to leave YP and decided to become a full time entrepreneur. Because of the internal hardship Ronnika and Carlton immediately began to focus more on their relationship with God by practicing celibacy, prayer and meditation; which they decided to commit to until they were married. 

How He Asked: 

On November 26, 2016, Carlton surprised Ronnika at her family reunion in Biloxi Mississippi and proposed to her in front of her entire family. With Ronnika’s twin brother’s support and blessing, Carlton placed a princess diamond custom made ring on her finger declaring his love to her, all while the proposal was streamed live to her entire digital audience. 

The Wedding: McFall Ever-After

With the theme McFall Ever After: A Southern Fairytale Romance, Carlton and Ronnika plan to become one under God late September of 2017 at an outside garden in Atlanta. Their daily prayer is to God for his guidance, protection and love as they journey to the alter.

“I'm so blessed, thankful and beyond happy! Thank you God for blessing me with the gift of true love. Every mistake I made, every wrong turn that I took led me to Carlton McFall!” - Ronnika

Carlton and Ronnika credits God for every step they have taken in this journey of love. 

“Dear Lord, We will forever serve you and keep you first as we begin this journey to the alter! God, continue to keep us covered. In Jesus Name I pray!” - Carlton

What are you most looking forward to for your future together?

Carlton and Ronnika are looking to growing there careers in Public Relations and Marketing world wide. Remaining active in there communities is apart of their goals as well. After the wedding they plan on moving into their dream home where they will raise a God fearing family. Carlton hopes for Ronnika's small businesses to prosper and Ronnika prayers for Carlton's strength in today's world.


Bride: @RonnikaAnn

Groom: @CMFSolution

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Wedding planner: @IngeniousWeddings

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