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How Did You Meet?

We met at church, but I actually met my fiancée’s parents before I met her. I happened to be visiting a friend of our family at the hospital, and there were a few other ladies visiting as well. None of these women knew me at all, but one woman started speaking to me and was prophesying about my future wife and how good of a husband I would be someday. Fast forward two years later, after formally meeting my fiancée at church, I realized that the woman speaking to me before was actually her mom.

We went on our first date to a small pizza shop, and we had great conversation. The first part of our date went so well, she asked if I wanted to continue hanging out and get dessert from a nearby pie place. I was honestly surprised, but I’m so glad that we continued spending time together that day and we’ve been inseparable ever since

How Did You Ask?

I’m a signed model, so every few months I need to take new headshots to update my agencies’ website. I told my fiancée that my photographer friend needed both of us to take a few shots to promote her business, and in turn I could use those photos for myself. What she didn’t know was that this would actually be a surprise engagement shoot. My fiancée didn’t suspect anything, so when she turned around in the middle of the shoot and saw me down on one knee, she immediately broke down and started crying. Of course, she said yes.


Future Bride - @tahiti_habib

Future Groom - @ihighjump_15

Photographer - @stayseephotography @stayseejocleveland

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