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Our partners tell us they love us several times a day without us even realizing it.  “I Love You” isn’t always just in those three magic words but in many other words and phrases we probably hear every day, and actions we may overlook.

Here are 21 of our favorite ways bae says I Love You without saying it at all:

  1. “Did you eat?”
  2. Little meaningful gifts because “It reminded me of you”
  3. “Let me fix it”
  4. The way he/she kisses you
  5. They really listen
  6. Long and purposeful eye contact
  7. Makes your favorite meal/treat
  8. They say “I’m Sorry”, first
  9. They take care of the little things without nagging
  10. They wait for you to watch your/their favorite show
  11. They do the small things that they don’t like but mean the world to you.
  12. They make sure the gas tank is filled up for your early morning commute.
  13. They support you! {Vegan for 30 days? Want to start a business? Going back to school? They are your biggest cheerleader}
  14. They make time for you regardless of how busy their life/schedule is.
  15. They brag about you.
  16. They protect you.
  17. They give you space when you need it.
  18. When things are rocky they err on the side of seeing the best in your intention, not assuming the worst.
  19. They let their guard down. The ability to be vulnerable is pretty much as intimate as it gets (with your clothes on)
  20. They make an effort to form genuine relationships with your parents/siblings.
  21. They never, ever, give up on you.
  22. How has someone shown you they loved you without saying a word?  Comment below!

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