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We want black love to connect, grow and flourish!  We've had several requests from our community of singles to create a space for them as well.  We are looking for feedback from you as to what you'd like to see to make this space safe and engaging.  The outline we have so far is a new IG page (@LBL_Singles) which will be used to feature content that will spark conversation, thought and a few laughs.  We will be featuring a single King & single Queen daily (singles can submit their best shot).  The info we'd like to include would be age, location (nothing too specific- region or city/state or province), and occupation (optional).  Rules to include 18+, no inappropriate solicitations, and keep it respectful & safe (admin reserves the right to block inappropriate users).

From you we'd like to know the following:

  • would the preference be for the page to be open or private
  • if private, would you share it with your followers in order to get a greater community of singles for you to meet?
  • general feedback on if this is something you would participate in to potentially meet someone (we are happy to facilitate this - hello, year of black love! lol - but the interaction and engagement must come from all of YOU :)

Please provide your feedback by commenting to this post.  If you would like your comment to remain hidden simply type "anon" at the beginning or end of your comment and your comment will not be published.

Thanks in advance!

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  • I think it’s a great idea and I would definitely share it!

    Danielle on

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