7 Day Relationship Challenge

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So in the last blog we focused on the singles who may be in a dating rut, but boo'd up couples hit a rut every now and then too!  Whether we have just become too busy with, work/school/career/kids to remember to focus on each other, or been together for so long that the day to day has become routine, sometimes a reset is in order!

If this is you, or you just want to proactively always be investing in your relationship (major key!), join us for this weeks challenge!

Day 1

Leave a sweet or sexy note somewhere for your partner to find.  (Suggestions: bathroom mirror, lunch bag, briefcase, steering wheel, etc).  Remind them what you love about them or what you are most attracted to in them.

Day 2

No complaining, criticizing or correcting!  Go the whole day without sarcastic responses, nagging or correcting your partner.

Day 3

Kiss. Like really kiss.  Not the quick peck in or out of the door.  Make sure to give your partner a good, passionate smooch.  Bonus points if you can fit in a good old fashioned makeout session.

Day 4

Sext.  Yes...sext.  Surprise your partner with a sexy pic throughout the day. If you are feeling shy, send a naughty note instead...

Day 5

Make Time for morning sex...

Day 6

Dress up and have a romantic date night.  Make reservations, spoil  yourselves.

Day 7

Make your partner breakfast in bed.  You don't need to be a chef.  Even something as simple as toast, coffee and juice are appreciated in the effort you made to surprise them.

This challenge is a great, simple way to recharge, makeover and reset those lulls that can happen.  You don't have to do them in the order laid out, adjust for what works with your schedule!  Reset the emotional climate in your duo, and let us know how it went!

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