10 Romantic Winter Date Ideas

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The kick off to the holiday season is in full swing, and in many areas the chilling winter weather has made itself known.  The temptation for cuffing season habits to kick in is at an all-time high right now, but the dreary winter weather should not stop you from sharing some romance with your significant other or a new squeeze.  We’ve compiled a few date ideas that will keep that flame burning through the winter months:

1) All of the Lights…

December is a time of bright lights and holiday cheer.  Check out your town's local tree lighting or cruise the neighborhoods to see the fancy light displays.  Botanical gardens and parks are also usually a sure bet for some great holidays lights and cheer.

2) Winter Picnic

Yes, it may sound crazy considering how cold it may be…but! On one of those crisp, sunny winter days, a cold weather picnic is the perfect excuse to step outside for some fresh winter air and sneak in some cuddles.  Keep it simple and pack a thermos with hot chocolate, marshmallows and peppermint.  Throw in a couple sweet snacks for good measure and head out for a short walk to enjoy the air.  It is  cold after all so don’t plan on spending too much time outside, but a brief stop on a park bench to sip your warm beverages and share some conversation or people watch is a nice break from staying indoors.

3) Local ski mountain

Enjoy for a day date or if you can, stay for the night.  Many local mountain resorts offer everything from extreme sports to trail walks, shopping, spas and nightlife.  Explore the slopes for the day followed by a relaxing apres ski in the lounge with hot chocolate and conversation.  If time permits, book a room for the night and enjoy a nice dinner out followed by some alone time in front of the fire.  Even just a short overnight break from home is a great relationship energizer.

4) Ice skating

No, it really isn’t just for white people! LOL.  Enjoy a date night on ice for a little something different.  This is a casual fun date that gives you and your partner a chance to bond over something that may be new to both of you. Hold hands as you glide (or stumble) across the ice and share some fun memories.  Most cities have a skating rink, or frozen pond, that’s decked out for the holidays so you should be able to find one in your area (even the deserts of Las Vegas as a great spot above the Cosmopolitan!).  

5) Snowshoeing

Ok...bare with me.  This may not come off as a top choice as a date activity, but it is actually very fun!  It's easy to learn (strap the boards to your boots, and walk!) and can be done by all fitness levels.  Add to that the beautiful scenery you will encounter as you navigate the trails it really does set the tone for a perfect, snowy winter date.  Finish off with a warm cider or hot cocoa in the lounge as you scroll through the pics you will inevitably take along the way.  One thing to note is you may work up a bit of a sweat even in the chilly outdoors so plan accordingly!

6) S’more’s by the Fire

Throw on your coziest clothes and set up in front of your fireplace (or yuletide channel on TV) for an indoor camp out.  Pour a glass of wine and grab all the ingredients you’ll need to create this comforting classic (you’ll need graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate).  Throw down a blanket and you’re set.  We like this or this as a quick cheat for a great indoor s'mores campfire.  Share some stories, cuddle up and enjoy!

7) Hotspring

Spend a night or two enjoying a couples getaway at a refreshing hotsprings.  You get the the natural health benefits of the mineral rich hotsprings while spending some time together invigorating your mind body and soul.  Soak in the mineral baths, enjoy the spa or just take in the peaceful tranquility.

8) Become a Master Chocolatier!

Take your love of chocolate to the next level!  Sign up for a chocolate making class and learn to make your favorite sexy chocolate recipes from a perfect chocolate covered strawberry to decadent truffles.  Enjoy sneaking each other some sweet nibbles while you learn..

9 )Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

Cuddle up under a blanket as your explore your city in a horse drawn carriage.  This seems very romance movie, and it kind of is!  But who doesn't enjoy a little fairy tale romance every once in a blue moon! ♥

10) Give Back

Find a cause you both believe in and spend your date volunteering or performing an act of service.  Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food bank, hand out warm socks and gloves to the homeless, or any other cause that is meaningful to you.  Volunteering as a couple makes the experience that much more special.

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