10 Sweet Ways to Show Your Partner Gratitude

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Expressing thanks and gratitude to your partner is an important part of keeping your relationship healthy.  At this time of year it is at the forefront of our minds to not only focus on what we are thankful for in our lives but also how to show it more.  Here are 10 sweet ways to show your partner that you are thankful for him or her:

  1. Tell them. Take a few moments to tell your partner face to face how much they mean to you. Be specific in sharing an example of what they did and how/why it impacted you.
  2. Write a gratitude journal. Jot down something each day that you are grateful for about your partner.  It could be something they did that day or an amazing quality about them you admire.  When the journal is full, wrap it and present it to them.  If you need some help getting started, this cute little journal is a great start.
  3. Leave a stickie note somewhere random with a sweet message for them. We love the steering wheel, lunch bag and coat pocket as just a few starting points!
  4. Make your partner their favorite meal.
  5. Plan a unique date just for him/her with no distractions (hint: put your phone away!)
  6. Have a ‘Yes’ day! Remember the movie Yes Man where Jim Carey had to challenge himself to say “yes” to everything for an entire year? Try dedicating just one day to your significant other where you can’t say no….(this could get interesting)
  7. Profess your love & gratitude, publicly! Post a video on Instagram telling the world why you are grateful for your partner or write a nice Facebook update sharing how luck you are to have them.
  8. Plan a romantic getaway. It doesn’t have to be expensive, even a short road trip to give you some alone time together is a great way to show thanks and appreciation to your partner.
  9. Offer to do a chore or task that you know they don’t like doing.
  10. Give them a massage. Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing massage…Kick it up a notch by adding some sensual massage candles (these ones are our fave).  Set the mood with candlelight and use the warmed oil to massage your partner. 

Do you have a special way to show your gratitude? Comment it below!

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