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The weekend is almost here, we are well into fall and the weather has started changing.  Gone are the 100 degree summer days (well except for LA & Miami…damn y’all!) but for many of us we are in need of finding some fun and romantic activities to do with our significant other that can withstand the moody weather.  Here are 10 great date ideas for the fall.

1) Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is just days away! Visit your local farms pumpkin patch during early to late October for some good young at heart fun.  Many of these local farms have other attractions such as small zoos, farmers market finds (fresh seasonal produce) and warm cider.  The pumpkin patch also offers some great photo ops. Bonus: this is a super affordable date when on a budget!  Most farms only ask for a small donation of $5-10 for admission.  If you pick a pumpkin to take home your date can continue into the evening as you and your partner come up with create ideas to carve into your pumpkins.  Finish the night with some more of the spiked cider and a cuddle!

2) Apple Picking

Another great outdoor fall date is spending the day picking your crop of forbidden fruit!  Visit a local orchard and pick a basket of your variety of choice.  Continue the date at home by baking together!   A homemade pie or crumble to share with some ice cream, a hot toddy and a cuddle is a great way to finish off a fun day.

3) Wine Tasting

 If you are lucky enough to live in a region with local vineyards this is a perfect date for fall.  Don't fret about laughing too loudly and get out there to enjoy a tasting of the vineyards selected offerings or go for an educational tour.  Many wineries will offer this service and is a great way to learn something new with your date.  When the tour is complete stick around for lunch with pairings.  If the weather is cooperating you can take a stroll through the vineyards and put your new found knowledge to the test.  Find a winery near you in the US or Canada wineries.


4) Eat. Drink. Create.

Painted canvas dates are one of my favorite date ideas! A night full of shared wine, shared tapas, and a shared canvas to create your own work of art.  This is a great way to learn more about each other and to share an experience creating something divine! Grab your date, a bottle and some paint. Many cities have several resto lounges that offer this niche for dates, team building, and parties.  On a budget? Visit your local art shop and do this at home.  Plus art just has a way of turning up the heat (remember Ghost??). 


5) Cooking class

Sign up for a couples cooking night at your local culinary school and spend the evening trying your hand at cooking a fresh new cuisine or learning new techniques.  You get to create, taste and share each creation of your 3-course menu.  Cooking together is a great way to bond and you get to kiss the cook at the end of (and throughout) the night!



6) Be a Tourist in your own town:

Take some time to check out the sites and history of your local area.  Fall brings ghost tours based on local lore, featured exhibits at museums and art galleries, or something as simple as checking out the local sites and parks to take in the changing fall colors and snap some keepsake shots along the way.


7) ? Football game/tailgating: Join your local NFL or college team for a day of fun. Beer, grill and great music all add to the already exciting energy of this gathering.  The thrill of seeing your team win? Even better!


8) ? Go to the aquarium:  The aquarium date is fun because it is so versatile!  It works as a first or twenty first date and is great for when the weather turns too cold or wet to enjoy any of the outdoor activities.  The aquarium date allows you to move at your own pace spending time at interesting exhibits and chat along the way.  If its a first-ish date and you get nervous or run out of things to talk about, pop into one of the regularly occurring shows to give yourself a moment to gather your thoughts and get back in the game!  The great thing is with so many interesting creatures around, you will always have something to spark conversation.


9) Thermos picnic: before the weather completely turns, why not take advantage of the falling leaves and crips autumn weather with a picnic in the park?  Grab a blanket, fill up a thermos with warm tea, your favourite soup, and fruit and crackers and you are set for a wonderful day just laying out in nature and spending quality time with your loved one.  Check out some ideas in Pinterest to help you get started.


10) ☁️  Hot air balloon ride: Romance level: 100000!  But just make sure your date doesn't have a fear of heights first!  What can be more romantic than watching the sunset from high in the sky, holding each other close while sipping champagne?  This date definitely falls on the much pricier side, so you may wish to save it for celebrating a milestone….or creating a new one! ?

What are some date ideas you’ve always wanted to try or a favourite date you have had?  Comment below!

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