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How amazing do we feel when we receive a genuine, heartfelt, unexpected compliment as we go about our days. Many of us may relish in that compliment for the rest of the day, or heck, the rest of the week!  I kid you not I have a colleague who got a single unexpected compliment from a stranger at an event 4 years ago and this man STILL talks about it!  My point is receiving a compliment is an amazing feeling, and as they say, it is better to give than to receive.

Mark Twain once said, “I can live two months on one good compliment.”  While times may have changed and our need for positive reinforcement is often needed in much higher frequencies (part of the reason social media is so popular!) what has not changed is the power of kindness and a genuinely expressed appreciation for someone.  And it seems to happen less and less often.

So, that leads us to our next “relationship” challenge.  But this challenge really spans across all of our relationships, not just the romantic ones.

Our goal in this challenge is to compliment at least 5 different people each day for 5 days.  Real, genuine compliments.  They do not need to be grandiose, just real.  Anything from complimenting your colleagues hard work on a presentation to baes great sense of humour.  Or simply expressing to someone something you admire or appreciate about them.  Just make the compliment real and personal to them.  Feeling shy to pay someone a compliment?  Don't worry about overstepping!  As long as it is respectful and appropriate it will be appreciated.  And you never know how  much they may need it.  It is often said be kind to people, you never know what battles they are fighting.  A well timed and thoughtful compliment may be just what someone needed to turn their day around or just get them through a particularly tough day. But, to make it easier on yourselves, start at home or with someone you are comfortable with.  And don't force it.  Work the compliment into a conversation naturally or when/where it makes sense. 

So beginning today and for the next 7 days, offer a compliment to at least 5 people and see what happens.  At the end of the challenge check back and comment on the post here or Facebook/Instagram.  We’d love to hear and discuss about the impacts this challenge had on your life!

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