10 Day Love Challenge - Holiday Edition

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Who can believe it is already halfway through December?!  I for one am more than ready to be done with 2016, but we still have a few weeks to go.  

One of our favorite posts of the year was the 7 Day Relationship Challenge.  With just 10 days left until Christmas, and knowing how absolutely stressful, overwhelming, and sometimes difficult, this time of year can become for so many of us, we thought what better way to lead into Christmas than to revamp our challenge and create a 10 day version that you can start today!  Up for the challenge?? ♥

Day 1 | Show your appreciation 

We wanted to make the first day nice and easy depending on when you read this blog and jump in the challenge! So for day one we simply want you to show your appreciation for each other.  Did your love cook you a fantastic meal? Beyond thanking them (which we sometimes forget to do in our day to day) go a step further, wash the dishes, offer a fab dessert, run them a bath.  The key here is to show your appreciation in whatever way fits, beyond just our words.

Day 2  | Date Night 

Its very easy for every evening and weekend to quickly become booked up with holiday parties, family commitments and social events so it is very  important to carve out some time for just the two of you.  Plan a special evening where the only guests you need to entertain are each other!

Day 3 | Reflection 

No, not a prelude to "New Year, new me" or resolutions we have no intention of keeping.  Rather, reflect on what you are thankful for thus far, reflect on what you love and appreciate in your partner, and what you can do to better yourself for yourself, your relationship and your future.  Share those reflections with each other.

Day 4 | Words of Affirmation 

How often do we assume that our partner knows how much we adore them?  How often do we speak that adoration?  Take some time today to speak words of affirmation to your partner.  Celebrate their strengths, build them up, love on their insecurities.  Speak that kind thought, don't keep it to your self!

Day 5 | Leave a Note 

Leave a sweet (or spicy!)  note somewhere your partner will be surprised by.  On the steering wheel, in their briefcase, etc.  It's contents are completely up to you....a sweet thought or sharing your love, or what they may be coming home to later....

Day 6 | Shower Them with Compliments 

Nails did, hair did...beard did lol, errything did?  Notice it and compliment them!  New outfit, shoes, or anything nice they have done, everyone loves a nice compliment; but we like it more when it is from our bae.

Day 7 | Small Unexpected/Meaningful Gift 

Surprise them with a small token of your love!  This could be something handcrafted, a custom tree ornament, or a single rose.  Whatever it is make it meaningful to the two of you!

Day 8 | Make Something

Holiday traditions in my home always included lots of baking, making punches and our Trinidadian version of egg nog, and other creations.  Spend some qualiy time with with each other and your families creating something of your very own!

Day 9 | Go On an Adventure 

The holiday season brings with it so many fun activities you can do with friends and loved ones, couples and families.  Bundle up and head out to your local Christmas Market, Light Maze, or mountain for some seasonal fun!

10 | Go Big!

Tis the season for proposals!! Just kidding!! While many will be getting engaged this season, not every one is in that place!  Don't let comparison be the thief of your joy.  For the rest of us Go Big in your love, in your expression in surrounding yourself with, and spreading love.  In my family, Christmas Eve and Christmas has always been a time to spend quality time with each other whether that was going to church, driving around the neighborhood looking at holiday lights...or drinking rum punch around the Christmas tree.  Whatever you do, do it big.  This season isn't about consumerism, stunting for the gram or worrying about what we don't have. The true spirit of the season is love, real love, and we challenge you on this Christmas eve to sprinkle that ish wherever you go.

Happy Holidays!

With the realest love, all of us on the Luvblacklove team ♥

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